About Us

Meet the Owner

Greenville South Carolina native Equator Kennedy has transcended the norm and impressively defied the odds which were once before her. From a turbulent relationship she endured a life threatening timeframe of domestic violence which at times appeared as an infinite span. She is the founder of the pearl girl movement...Her mission in this organization is to connect with other women to make them aware there is a pearl inside of each of them. 

Its quite evident Equator discovered the pearl inside of her. Rising above the odds she turned her pain and persecution to pearls and profit. 

She established and is the owner of Life of Pearls...an online boutique distributing jewelry, accessories, shoes, and an array of other stylish merchandise in which she uses her love of pearls and a unique talent of accenting that merchandise with pearls. Equator has brought new meaning to the word pearl and desires to reach every woman to aid them in realizing they are P (passionate) E (emerging) A(aspiring) R (resilient) L(leaders).